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Is Social Media Free?

Everywhere you turn, you are being told that to do social media doesn’t cost anything so why shouldn’t you jump in? Here are some things to take a look at before you begin the DIY approach.

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Technorati and Claims

In order to get the blog listed on Technorati, I need to confirm for them that I truly own this blog by posting their claim token B4XV2ZXCQV4E.  So here it is.  I guess it is truly a unique way of making me post and to verify that I own FocusedWords blog. Whatever happened to the days […]

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Do You Mobile?

Mobile marketing is the next big thing and it is poised to dwarf everything up until now. Is your RV business ready to take advantage of mobile marketing?

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Are You Ready to Jump On The Groupon Bandwagon?

Is a Groupon deal a good deal for an RV park? Take a look and let me know what you think.

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