9 Marketing Tips That Everyone in the Outdoor Hospitality Industry Should Know

Sometimes we lose track of the basics in marketing and need to get a refresher course.  Hopefully, these 9 marketing tips will get your brain revved up and reviewing what you have missed in your current marketing efforts.

1.)    You can’t market to a customer that you don’t know.  Looking at your past history should give you a good idea of what your customer is looking for, what they expect of you and your business, and whether or not you are meeting their expectations.

2.)    You should work hard at getting your customers to tell you what they think of you, the business, your staff and what they would like to see improved.  Give them a way to email their comments to you, give them a comment sheet when they check in, remind them that you would appreciate their thoughts, but don’t be overbearing about it.

3.)    Take a long, hard look at your advertising and marketing materials.  Do they truly represent who you and your business are? Do they represent you as something you truly aren’t?  Do the pictures on your website give the impression that you are an upscale, exclusive resort?  Are you really?

4.)    Does your website look like you had your 16 year old nephew create it for you?  If first impressions are important and your website is the first thing your customer sees, what is their impression?  Make your website a true representation of who and what your business is.

5.)    Is your marketing hit or miss?  The old adage was that it took three exposures to a marketing message before the customer would act on it.  In today’s world that number has gone to somewhere around 27.  This means that you should decide on your message and deliver that message repeatedly throughout all of your marketing efforts.

6.)    Social Media is here to stay.  The time is now to learn how to use it to your advantage.  Find out where your customers look for information about business and make that a priority in your marketing efforts.  You don’t necessarily have to be on every channel but if you aren’t on the one that your customers use, your message is going to be lost.

7.)    CTA.  If you don’t have a Call To Action on every one of your marketing efforts, you are losing money.  No matter what avenue you take, tell the user what you want them to do.  This can be as simple as saying “Give Us a Call” or as complex as “Bring this coupon in to get your discount.”

8.)    The world is going mobile.  Is your business represented on any mobile websites?  Do you have a mobile website?  Whatever you do, don’t pay someone to just shrink your website down to fit a smartphone screen.  This will be a waste of good money.

9.)    The world has gone visual and you are missing the boat if you aren’t there.  Post videos to your website, your YouTube channel, to Instagram, and on Pinterest.  Make those videos interesting.  Nothing will get people to leave your video faster than having a generic walk through that doesn’t have any appeal.  Ask yourself if you would sit through your video.

Need more ideas?  Give me a call.

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