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What is Your Digital Image? Seven Tools For You To Use

Managing your digital image is critical in today’s world. Know what people are saying about you and your business, respond to them and watch while your image gets polished.

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Training Your Team for Positive Customer Relations

How to keep your temper under control while a guest is yelling at you and causing a scene at the front desk is a real challenge. Here are some ideas that I have used that have helped my employees do a better job with customer relations.

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It’s the End of 2015. Time for a Website Review

2015 is drawing to a close. Now is the time to set aside a couple of hours to review your website and digital marketing. Let’s take a look at 9 places you need to check.

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Do You Respond to Your Surveys?

Surveys are a great way to find out what your customers think of you. They are an even better way to stay in touch with your customer. Remember to Listen, Consider and Respond.

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Could You Be the Next Radio Shack?

By now we all know that Radio Shack has gone the way of Montgomery Wards, Sears, and Borders.  While we all shake our heads and tell each other that it is so sad, the fact is that there were a number of indicators that should have rung the alarm bells. It doesn’t matter what size […]

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Like It Or Not, It’s Here to Stay

Like it or Not, It's Here to Stay

Accepting payment from ApplePay is here to stay. Have you made plans on how you are going to accommodate your customers?

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Are You a Waffle House or a Popeye’s?

Don’t mistake creating a customer community with giving your customers freebies. One can create loyalty, the other can create a guilt trip. Make your customer experience worth the customer’s loyalty

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