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What is Your Digital Image? Seven Tools For You To Use

Managing your digital image is critical in today’s world. Know what people are saying about you and your business, respond to them and watch while your image gets polished.

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You Are Losing 14% of Your Customers

The loss of 14% of your customers every year may not be apparent but overtime it can be devastating. Don’t let Boiling Frog Syndrome fool you.

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Get Them Talking About You Marketing

Rule #1 in marketing: “Get Them Talking About You”.
Here are some ideas on how you can make that happen.

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2016,The Year Of More Changes

2016 is the time for a fresh start! Here are 6 areas that are going to be vital for marketing your business.

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Retarget, Remarket…What The Heck Is It?

Retargeting/remarketing is a great concept that may take up more of your time and money than you want to spend. Take a look at what retargeting/remarketing really mean before you decide that you want to jump in

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11 Steps to Getting Your Business Booming

There are so many different facets to consider when marketing your business. Here are 11 random things that I have found where businesses fail.

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Are Emails Wasting Your Money?

Sending emails just because “You should be doing this” isn’t the best idea. While you will be told that emailing is cheap, it can cost you money in lost sales, lost customer loyalty, your time and therefore, your money.

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10 People You Need in Your Corner

Don’t go it alone. Add these people to your support group and support them in their group.

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Joining the Social Media Frenzy

Putting together a Social Media plan may seem daunting but once you get started it can be easy. Do it today!

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