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10 People You Need in Your Corner

Don’t go it alone. Add these people to your support group and support them in their group.

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10 Random Thoughts

Everyone has their pet peeves in business. My 10 random peeves include posting political comments, selling and not communicating, as well as customer service. What are yours?

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One Unhappy Camper Makes for $$’s Lost

Lousy customer service can happen at any time. Are your employees trained in how to handle customer service? Or were they only trained to make the sale?

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4 Steps to Knocking Their Socks Off

After traveling around the country and checking into RV parks and after having managed RV parks I have noticed that recognizing that the front desk is the core to our marketing efforts is not at the head of our marketing plan. It is so easy to hire people who have some experience in taking reservations […]

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The Job Is More Than Taking A Reservation

We all train our employees on how to use our particular brand of software, but do we train them on being social?

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How Do I ……?

One critical point that has to be addressed repeatedly is the training of that new staff. Much as you would like to, you cant leave that training to be done by your new staff or even by returning staff if you want everything to run smoothly…

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5 Rules of Value

1.) Your staff is as valuable as your customers. How do they know how valuable they are? You compliment them in front of the customers, you impress on them how well they do their job. And in those cases where you have to correct them, make sure they know it was a mistake and not […]

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