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What is Your Digital Image? Seven Tools For You To Use

Managing your digital image is critical in today’s world. Know what people are saying about you and your business, respond to them and watch while your image gets polished.

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Have You Secured ALL of Your Assets?

We don’t always consider a website as a part of the business assets, but let it disappear and see how quickly it becomes a lost and uninsured asset.

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Time to Write Your Yearly Marketing Plan

Writing a marketing plan isn’t hard. Writing an Executable marketing plan takes a lot of thought and creativity. Let’s get to work and make an Executable marketing plan.

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You Are Losing 14% of Your Customers

The loss of 14% of your customers every year may not be apparent but overtime it can be devastating. Don’t let Boiling Frog Syndrome fool you.

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A Disaster Is On Its Way. What Now?

Deciding what to do after a disaster hits is guaranteed to cost you customers. Plan ahead for what you are going to do and say.

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Get Them Talking About You Marketing

Rule #1 in marketing: “Get Them Talking About You”.
Here are some ideas on how you can make that happen.

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I Can Get You A Gazillion Visitors

Lots of people will promise a boatload of visitors but the real question is whether they are the visitors that you want. Let’s take a look at what you really need to concentrate on.

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What You Need to Know Before You Hire Your Front Desk Team

I need to hire a whole new team this year for my front desk. Last year’s team did an OK job but I’m sure that they could have done better. I need to find the best people for the job. Here is what I’m going to ask this year.

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What Do All Those Numbers Mean?

I’m sure that you already review your accounting information on a monthly basis at a minimum, but I have found that a lot of you don’t review the other information that you are regularly collecting. This other information is critical to your marketing efforts, your advertising efforts and your plans for the future of your […]

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Training Your Team for Positive Customer Relations

How to keep your temper under control while a guest is yelling at you and causing a scene at the front desk is a real challenge. Here are some ideas that I have used that have helped my employees do a better job with customer relations.

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