Get Them Talking About You Marketing


If I had to sum up marketing in 5 words or less, I would say “Get Them Talking About You.” After all, that is what marketing is all about isn’t it?

Give Them Something to Talk About!

Marketing Rule #1:
“Get Them Talking About You!”

The tough part is finding a way to get people talking about you if you can’t afford a major ad agency that can come up with something memorable like “Where’s the Beef?” or “Just Do It.”

While the season on us, now is the time to get those unique giveaways created and ready to hand out. Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

1.)            Have you heard people say “We hate to leave but we have to go back to work tomorrow” when they were checking out? How about creating a branded work excuse? Here is one to get you started thinking:

Dear Guest,

Ever needed to let the boss know that you won’t be in to work after a great vacation? Send this work excuse to him:


Dear (Your Boss’ Name),

We hate to inform you that (Your Name) cannot be at work today as (he/she) has been detained at (Name of the resort/park/campground).

Now you may think that (Your Name) is just goofing off and having fun, however this is anything but the case. (Your Name) is actually performing a critical humanitarian service. (Your Name) has accepted the critical responsibility of reviewing the quality of the pool temperature here at the park, critiquing our shuttle service to the beaches, and analyzing the quality of sun’s rays here in (Your city name) to determine if they are of sufficient strength to provide a proper tan.

As you can see from the above specifications, this job could not be performed by just anyone. It is imperative that you excuse (Your Name) from (his/her) job duties for the next (your preferred number) of days without penalty.

Thank you for being such an understanding, reasonable boss.

(Resort/Park/Campground name)

2.)      At the start of the season, all of your guests have to pack up kitchen, bath, and bedroom supplies for their visit to you. This can be quite a task. Provide a branded Start of the Season Packing Check List to your guest when they check in. Even better, tell them that if they will give you their email address you will send a link to the list. Do the same thing for the end of the season with a Getting Ready for Storage Check List.

3.)      Gather birthday months from your guests and send them a special birthday card with a coupon for a discounted stay, free ice/firewood, or free hotdog/hamburger. Make sure that whatever you are giving away is something that your guest would want and need. Don’t make it another bottle koozie, ink pen or any other typical item that you get at a trade show and immediately throw away.

4.)      Create a small cookbook that has recipes specifically for RVer’s. Limit the number of ingredients and make sure that it is something that is easy to fix. If you have grills at each site, outdoor camping recipes are a great idea.

5.)       If your guests bring their pets, provide them with a branded box that contains pet pick up bags and a pet treat. The box can be refilled and kept in the RV for future visits. While you are at it, don’t make this for dogs only. You would be surprised how appreciative cat owners are when you give them a gift for their cat.


These are just a few ideas to get you started thinking on how to keep your name in front of your guest’s eyes after they leave you. Just remember that the idea has to be something that is useful, that your guest demographic would appreciate (you don’t want to give branded Frisbees to your 55+ guests just like you don’t want to give a discount to the kids activities to guests who don’t have kids.)

What ideas have you come up with to make your business name synonymous with fun and relaxation?


Don’t have time to do it all? Give me a call at 800-478-0516 and let’s talk about what would work for you.   Be sure to follow me on Twitter: @RVStops and @FocusedWords and join my group on LinkedIn, “Social Media in the RV Industry” and “RV Park Management Software User’s Group”.   Check out my blog at for more articles about doing business in the RV world. Copyright by FocusedWords. If you would like to reprint, please email with your request.

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