You Are Losing 14% of Your Customers

If you aren't replacing 14% of your customers, you are sliding down the slope.

If you aren’t replacing 14% of your customers, you are sliding down the slope.

Did that headline shake you up just a little? I know that the 14% figure did it for me. Did I just make that number up? No. It actually came from a blog post on, a well respected website for all things marketing.

While you are losing a large number of your customers every year, only 3% of your total market is actively buying at any one time. Think I am just leading you on with numbers? Let’s take a look at your market.

If you are a family oriented park, your customers are probably in the 30-40 year old range with kids who are old enough not to require immediate supervision. You may have a strong record of those families that return every year to spend time at your park. That’s great except that those kids are going to become teenagers who are less and less interested in going to an RV park with their family during the summer.

If you are a 55+ park, this means that your customers are more reliable on returning until they reach the point of no longer being able to be away from the family, doctors and other support.

What does this all mean?

It means that it is more important than ever to make sure your marketing efforts are working. Specifically your digital marketing efforts are key to keeping your name in front of your potential buyers.

Now that is both good news and bad news. The good news is that with digital it is easier to reach out to a larger number of people. The bad news is that it isn’t the “free” way to market that you have been promised.

It takes time, effort and knowledge to have an effective digital marketing program, just like it took for offline marketing. After all, when you bought an ad in the park directories, did you design the ad yourself or did you depend on the sales rep to get that done for you?

So what do you need to get done to make sure that you are replacing that 14% lose of customers?

1.) Know where your current customers are and where to find your future customers.

It is more critical than ever to make sure that the person who answers your phone or checks your customers in knows how critical the question of “and how did you hear of us?” is. Just checking the first box on the form on the computer isn’t only not good enough, it is a death knell for your marketing efforts.

While you are asking where they found out about you, make sure you get a good idea of where they surf for potential places to stay. Now you have a better idea of not only how they found you but also of where they go to look for you.


I can’t tell you the number of ads, websites, marketing materials, etc. that I have seen that have ZERO calls to action. That’s just like throwing your money out the window as you are traveling down the interstate.

CTA’s (call to action) aren’t that difficult to create. It is basically telling your customers what you want them to do when they see your online or offline marketing efforts. You see these every day. “Call to find out more,” “Mention that you saw this ad for your discount” “Bring this coupon on for your special gift” These are all typical CTA’s that you can easily adopt for your park.

3.) Static Websites Don’t Work

You have to have something that changes on your website to keep people coming back for more. It can be a blog, a page that has content that changes regularly, or photos that tell a story and are changed out regularly.

Don’t fall into the trap of just putting a bunch of photos up on a gallery page and figure that you have done your marketing job. Change those photos out on a regular basis and make sure that they tell a story.

Start collecting articles that apply to your customers and share them on a regular basis. Make sure that you give proper attribution to the author and/or website where you found the information.

4.) Quit Treating Marketing Like an Afterthought

Do you trust yourself to figure out what your ailment is and then tell the doctor how to treat your problem? I don’t think so. And it isn’t an analogy that is that far off for marketing. If I ask you where your customers find you, can you honestly answer? If I ask what the time spent on Facebook by one of your visitors, do you know?

14% is a large number when it affects your bottom line. On top of that your marketing efforts need to recognize that on average it takes 8 times to truly reach your potential customer. Put that together and the bottom line is that you MUST have an effective marketing plan/program/campaign to make sure you are replacing your customers on a regular basis.

Where are you on your marketing efforts?


*** Don’t have time to do it all? Give me a call at 800-478-0516 and let’s talk about what would work for you. Be sure to follow me on Twitter: @RVStops and @FocusedWords and join my group on LinkedIn, “Social Media in the RV Industry” and “RV Park Management Software User’s Group”. Check out my blog at for more articles about doing business in the RV world. Copyright by FocusedWords. If you would like to reprint, please email with your request.

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