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Training Your Team for Positive Customer Relations

How to keep your temper under control while a guest is yelling at you and causing a scene at the front desk is a real challenge. Here are some ideas that I have used that have helped my employees do a better job with customer relations.

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13 Things You Need to Do

While we have time to catch our breath, let’s take a moment to make sure we are following these 13 items.

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Seven Tools To Look Into the Mirror With

Here are seven tools to use to look into the mirror and see what your online image is.

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Like It Or Not, It’s Here to Stay

Like it or Not, It's Here to Stay

Accepting payment from ApplePay is here to stay. Have you made plans on how you are going to accommodate your customers?

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Do You Analyze?

Analytics don’t work unless you analyze what they are telling you. Here are some basics to look for.

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Customers Don’t Want Your Friendship

Everyone talks about creating a “relationship” with your customer, but relationship isn’t the same thing as friendship. Let’s take a look at what kind of relationship your customer really wants.

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Who Is Your Customer?

Taking a look at how a decision is made on rates, amenities, marketing and advertising leads to the question of “What do my customers like about my business?”

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10 Random Thoughts

Everyone has their pet peeves in business. My 10 random peeves include posting political comments, selling and not communicating, as well as customer service. What are yours?

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One Unhappy Camper Makes for $$’s Lost

Lousy customer service can happen at any time. Are your employees trained in how to handle customer service? Or were they only trained to make the sale?

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Customer Service – Reactive or Proactive?

Ok customer service is reactive. Great customer service is proactive. Which one does your RV park or campground practice? Not sure? Check out this list to see which one your front desk practices.

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