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Training Your Team for Positive Customer Relations

How to keep your temper under control while a guest is yelling at you and causing a scene at the front desk is a real challenge. Here are some ideas that I have used that have helped my employees do a better job with customer relations.

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Like It Or Not, It’s Here to Stay

Like it or Not, It's Here to Stay

Accepting payment from ApplePay is here to stay. Have you made plans on how you are going to accommodate your customers?

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What Business Are You In?

The RV Park business is a hospitality business. Make sure that your front desk procedures/policies aren’t inhospitable to your potential guests.

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4 Steps to Knocking Their Socks Off

After traveling around the country and checking into RV parks and after having managed RV parks I have noticed that recognizing that the front desk is the core to our marketing efforts is not at the head of our marketing plan. It is so easy to hire people who have some experience in taking reservations […]

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Dealing With Pesky Guests

Ever wondered how you could handle those Pesky Guests? Here are some ideas to help you get rid of them.

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