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Time to Write Your Yearly Marketing Plan

Writing a marketing plan isn’t hard. Writing an Executable marketing plan takes a lot of thought and creativity. Let’s get to work and make an Executable marketing plan.

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Is Your Shoestring Marketing Broken?

Committing major marketing dollars to a single location isn’t necessarily a good choice in today’s world.   Marketing isn’t a pay for it and forget it product.  This is true whether the commitment is to a particular ad, to your web page or to your collateral materials (brochure, business card, etc.) Here are 12 points that […]

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Do You Analyze?

Analytics don’t work unless you analyze what they are telling you. Here are some basics to look for.

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Marketing Plan vs. Marketing Program vs. Marketing Campaign

Putting together a marketing plan is just the start for marketing your business. You need to define your marketing program for each of your products and then you need to develop your marketing campaign to meet your goals and objectives that you identified in your marketing plan. Here is a brief description of each.

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I Just Want the Information

I don’t think I’m asking for the world, just the ability to get information about my guests that I can use to market to my guests. Is that too much to ask?

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Do You Reward Your Guests Loyalty?

As full time RVers, my husband and I enjoy taking breaks and staying at a Bed and Breakfast for a quick getaway.  We spent close to a year at one RV Park and found a B&B that was perfect for us.  Over that year, we spent three separate weekends at the B&B. I just received […]

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