Time to Write Your Yearly Marketing Plan

It’s that time of year again where we need to stop and take a look back at how our marketing worked for this past season and look forward to what we need to do for next year to keep progressing.

Marketing Plan/Marketing Program/Marketing Campaign

Let’s get started on your marketing plan/marketing programs/marketing campaigns.

As a part of this effort I am going to dedicate the next few posts to creating the most important document of your business, an Executable marketing plan.

You can have a beautiful document that fills in all of the sections of a proper marketing plan but the real issue is whether you pay any attention to it as the year progresses.

A lot of people do their marketing on the fly. Buying advertising when a great salesman comes by, spending lots of time on social media or jumping on the latest gimmick that promises to deliver guests to your door won’t deliver on real ROI.

I’m going to suggest first of all that you don’t worry about how pretty your document is or if it is the proper font. This document is for you to use to improve your business and to make sure that the money you are spending is really giving you a bang for your buck.

That said, let’s get started on the Marketing plan. As we progress in creating the plan we will create Marketing Programs that fit your particular guest and within the Marketing Programs there will be Marketing Campaigns that you will use to let your current and future guests know what a great business you have.

This issue we are going to start with gathering all the current data about your business.  For the sake of an example, I am going to use an RV Park/Resort/Campground as the basis of the collection of data.  You should be able to translate it to your business without any problems.  (If you don’t understand the terminology or what direction to take, just post a comment and I will get with you to explain it.)


1.)       How many and what kind of sites do you have and who is the customer for each.

I know this sounds silly as you know all of this in your head, but you would be surprised how the process of writing it down brings out something that you hadn’t quite considered before.

2.)       On average how far away do your guest travel from and how long do they stay and on what day do they typically check in and check out?

We all have those guests that come from a thousand miles away as they are traveling through, the ones that come from nearby for a quick getaway and the ones that come to stay with us for a while.

Create mileage segments that make sense for you. These could be something like 0-100 miles, 101-250 miles, and 251 miles and up.

Sort this out and at the same time, look at how long on average each of your mileage segments stay with you and what their arrival and departure days are. This is going to give you insight into how you are going to market to each of these segments.

3.)       What was your marketing spend for this past season?   

This can be a little tough to sort out depending on how well you categorize your marketing/advertising spend.

In general look at the spend for collateral materials I.E. business cards, brochures, flyers, print advertising, etc.

How much did you spend on your online efforts? Facebook ads, Google Adwords, premium listings, digital efforts, etc.


As you pull all of this information together you are going to have a better understanding of where you are headed and where you need to change course.

The next post is going to help you take all of this information and begin categorizing, sorting and developing your Marketing Programs for 2017.

I’m looking forward to hearing how things are going. If you get stuck or have a question, just give me a call to get unstuck or have the light bulb go on.


Need a nudge in the right direction? Give me a call at 800-478-0516 and let’s talk about what problems you need solved.   Be sure to follow me on Twitter: @RVStops and @FocusedWords and join my group on LinkedIn, “Social Media in the RV Industry” and “RV Park Management Software User’s Group”.   Check out my blog at www.FocusedWords.com/blog for more articles about doing business in the RV world. Copyright by FocusedWords. If you would like to reprint, please email pwright@FocusedWords.com with your request.


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