What Do All Those Numbers Mean?

I’m sure that you already review your accounting information on a monthly basis at a minimum, but I have found that a lot of you don’t review the other information that you are regularly collecting. This other information is critical to your marketing efforts, your advertising efforts and your plans for the future of your business. Here are   points that you should be reviewing on a regular basis.


  • How accurate are your Email Addresses?

You should be collecting email addresses for everyone who walks in the door. If they don’t want to give you their address, you should have some way of identifying that within your system.

Each month at a minimum, review the addresses that have been collected for accuracy. Look for missing periods in the email provider name, incomplete addresses, unnecessary spaces, etc.

While you are doing this, you should also be reviewing the accuracy of your employees in inputting the information. Sometimes, our employees get lax or just too busy to be bothered. This is a very poor excuse as the email address is your best (and cheapest) way of staying in touch with your customers/guests. This review will give you the information you need on who and what needs retraining.

2.) Where are your website visitors coming from?

I know a lot of people who totally ignore the analytics on their website. This is a major mistake!

Your analytics will give you a wealth of information about your future customers. Review it on a monthly basis at a minimum. Look for things like what state your website visitors are coming from, how long they spent on your website, what pages they spent the most time on. Be sure to have your Webmaster block the spiders from being considered in your analytics. They can really skew the numbers.

  • What devices are your visitors using to find you?

Take a look at the types of devices being used to access your website. It is all but imperative in today’s world that you have a responsive website (meaning that the website adjusts to be read on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.) By taking a look at these analytics you will have a better feel for how people are finding you.

4.) What pages are your visitors going to?

By looking at the behavior of your visitors, you are going to get a deeper understanding for what they are looking for on your website. Fresh content is critical to maintaining not only your SEO but also in keeping your customers interest. The behavior section is going to tell you what content is most popular.

4.) What is Webmaster Tools telling you?

No, you don’t have to understand everything that this free tool tells you, but it is very helpful in identifying where your website is breaking down. Take a look at the pages that are returning 404 (Page Not Found) errors. Get your Webmaster to fix those errors. Customers won’t be real patient with you if the continue to receive 404 errors when they visit your website, and your SEO efforts are going to suffer also.

5.) What online listings are actually giving your referrals?

This is particularly useful information if you are paying for an online listing in a directory. Don’t depend on the statistics you may be receiving from the vendor. Take a look at what your statistics are saying. And above all else, please don’t look at the number of hits. This number is all put meaningless. Look at the number of unique visitors you are receiving.

If you don’t see a large number of referrals, it makes next year’s decision on where to spend those tight marketing dollars a whole lot easier.


These are just 5 of the places other than accounting that you should be reviewing your statistics. These should get you started in getting a better understanding of who your customer is and what they are looking for from your business.


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